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furniture removals melbourne

Jaroca Removals provides complete furniture removals services across Melbourne. With years of experience in the moving industry, we ensure that your belongings will be packed and shifted to your new home or office in perfect condition. We’ve moved it all. From a share house of student stuff to a massive McMansion, nothing fazes us. This is why we are our customers favourite furniture removalists.

When you choose us, our professional team will visit your premises and estimate the type and size of the furniture to be shifted. Jaroca Removals use specialised packing materials and technology to pack all your valuable items, ensuring that your goods would not be damaged during transportation.

Our furniture relocation experts take utmost care when shifting your furniture to make sure that all your belongings do not embody any sort of blemish or damage during the removal job. We also provide liability insurance for office moving too, so that any damages to your furniture can be compensated.

How Will My Furniture Be Packed?

We know the significance of precisely packing your furniture and other woodwork to ensure a secure delivery of all your items during transit and as such we are committed to administering over a bunch of trained furniture removalists to handle your items with responsibility. Each piece of furniture will be packed with first-class packing materials to provide the highest stability for your move.

Furniture Arrives At My New Home, What Happens Now?

At your new home or destiny, our furniture removalists will:

  • Unpack and clear out each piece of furniture for you to inspect
  • Arrange your furniture inside your home according to your will and wish
  • Gather conventional items such as beds
  • Discard all excess packaging on evacuation

Will My Furniture Be Guarded During My Move?

Our furniture removal professionals collaborate with the moving of large and bulky items on a daily basis. Through customising our moving approach, we compress the risk of damage that can occur during furniture removal and moves.

Furthermore, for our local and interstate relocations we perform with a selected number of trusted partners who meet the high performance standards. So, you can be rest assured that your personal belongings will be cared for and protected all the away with the highest priority.

Call us 03 9545 5964 and allow our removalists to make furniture moving easy and affordable!

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