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How to organize your office relocation?

In order to be fully prepared and ready for your office removal, it is advisable that you begin planning roughly 3 months prior to the scheduled date for the move. For doing this you should manage your staff and covering all the details about your company before relocating. The main objective of the office removals company is to not disturb the employees while relocating the office.

 Tips for successful relocation

  1. Schedule the relocation dates with the office removal companies for your premises in getting the estimate. Many of the removal companies are usually relocate the company either on Saturday or Sunday with affecting the work.
  2. Make sure that your company of choice is confident in the management and moving of all of you equipment. Before hiring removalists enquire with some of their clients about their moving, relocating and safety measures followed by them. Ask them questions related to relocating office equipments.
  3. Once you visit your new office location and check the space and make sure that there are any large furniture removals to be relocated in those spaces of entrances and corridors.
  4. Creating a floor plan about the desk lay-out as well as equipment.
  5. Make sure to remember when devising your floor plan that large items like chairs, desk filling cabinets, printers etc require large space in order for drawers to open, chairs to move and for you to have access to shelves for example.
  6. Consult with key employees when it comes to your floor plan and use the moment as an opportunity for reorganizing given members of your staff.

On the day you relocate

  1. An important fact to remember is that the health and safety of your staff as well as the office removal company is integral.
  2. Employees from the removals company can handle any type of removals like office, furniture and moving house removals.
  3. It is important to let your relocation specialists do their job – they excel at taping up filling cabinets, boxing-up equipment and wrapping computers in a safe and efficient fashion before packing them into their lorries.
  4. Be careful with secure or confidential documents. Confirm all of them are transported in a safe and organized manner.
  5. Inform your staff about the new car parking arrangements and make sure that permits are allocated.

If you are planning an office removal in the future, do not hesitate to contact Removalists in Melbourne for relocating your office.

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